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Next Branch Meetings 3 April 2009

Posted by steve1917 in NUJ.

The next two meetings of the London Central NUJ branch will take place on Tuesday 14th April and Tuesday 12th May 2009. Both meetings will start at 7.00pm and take place at the usual venue of the NUJ Headquarters, 308-320 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP – just five minutes walk from King’s Cross Station. Given the crisis facing our industry at present there will be much to talk about at these meetings. At our March branch meeting, following the AGM, some good news was reported on the Morning Star front where the NUJ chapel has won a good deal with 5.7% pay rises scheduled for the lowest pay journalists on the paper. Well done to the chapel for standing firm on union principles and thanks to all those in the Labour and trade union movement who expressed support and solidarity with the journalists. However it was also reported that the situation at Thomson Reuters was getting worse and action would need to be taken sooner rather than later. One item of business tabled for the April branch meeting is a proposal to donate £500 towards the funding of a survey on the current situation in New Media. By the way, a warm welcome to all our old (and new) friends from Canary Wharf.



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