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Hands off Latin America! 16 September 2008

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Wednesday 17th September 2008

  • 4-6pm: Picket the US embassy, Grosvenor Square, W1
  • 7pm: Rally at the National Union of Journalists, 308 Gray’s Inn Rd, WC1, with speakers including Maria Beatriz Souviron (Bolivian ambassador), John McDonnell MP, Jeremy Dear (NUJ general secretary), Felix Plasencia (Venezuelan deputy ambassador) and Alan Woods (author, Reformism or Revolution)

Exactly 35 years after the CIA brought down Salvador Allende’s progressive government in Chile, violence by right-wing mobs has killed at least 30 supporters of Bolivian President Evo Morales, while journalists in Venezuela have uncovered a deadly plot to topple Hugo Chávez.

The US ambassadors in both countries have been expelled and Russian bombers are performing joint exercises with Venezuela as a response to the US deploying its Fourth Fleet for the first time in 60 years.
Now is a dangerous time for Latin America. US President George W Bush has made it his top priority to overthrow the new left-wing governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and others before he leaves office at the end of the year.

Join us on Wednesday outside the US embassy in London to say: Hands off Latin America! No more coups! Then come to the rally at NUJ headquarters and hear from ambassadors, MPs and union leaders about what we can do to help keep the warmongers at bay and expose their lies.

Called by the Bolivia Solidarity Campaign and Hands Off Venezuela. Supported by the Movement of Ecuadorians in the UK, Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Global Women’s Strike.




1. razor - 18 September 2008

Nonsense. Propaganda from some sort of left.

Chavez is on TV everyday threatening everyone that opposes him and threatening the USA. The USA is silent, has never replied on Chavez’s rants. Maybe the USA government knows something you do not. Who is the warmonger in this case? Chavez is desperate because he is going down on a natural implosion caused by a chaotic government. From 12000 industries in country before Chavez there are 6000 and less every day. No food, no housing for the poor, they are totally dependant on the USA to buy their heavy oil, less oil every day because without the “yankies” there, the oil infrastructure goes down the tubes, the power generation is in crisis, the roads destroyed and today Venezuela is one of the most criminally violent societies. Yes, let’s join and say hands off! No need of hands, both Chavez and Evo are at the bottom of the sink and will go down the drain by their own stupidity. How’s that?

2. Kyle_C - 21 September 2008

I’ve written a blog post on this, simply because I can’t understand why the NUJ is supporting the Venezuelan government:


3. Happy Daggers - 28 January 2009

@ razor
“Drain in their own stupidity”…
That sums up the becoming of your own post.
By the way, why is it so difficult for you to respect the Bolivian and Venezuelan people’s democratic choice?

@ Kyle_C
To understand why the NUJ is supporting the Venezuelan government, think about Chile – Allende, la Moneda, Pinochet.

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